"I enjoyed the snorkeling around the Wrecks the most. It was an amazing experience. It was also wonderful how fun and friendly the tour guides were and how knowledgeable they were about the island."
Sarah O'Donnell - Dublin, Ireland - August 2018 - Moreton Island Adventure Day
"The guides were friendly, caring and Dave was a wealth of knowledge. There was plenty of time to enjoy each activity."
The Jetha Family, Canada - March 2017
"Excellent tour guide - very knowledgeable and friendly! Snorkelling was great too. Loved it!"
Tracey - Canada - November 2016
"The tour guide was amazing. The sand boarding was soooo much fun! Excellent activities."
Greca - Canada - November 2016
"Brilliant day! From the great information and Driving from our tour guide Wayne to the activities. Sand surfing and snorkeling was amazing and he was always checking we were ok and inclusive of the whole group. Highly recommend it"
Margot Tisher, Adelaide, Australia - September 2016
'What did you enjoy most on the tour
"Moreton Bay beach and swimming and our tour guide Andy was great, hes really charismatic!"'

Sophie - London UK - October 17
'What did you enjoy most on the tour
"4x4 drive and Sandboarding"'

D Nisbit from the UK October 9
'Total good - loved snorkelling'
Sakura - Japan - October 9
'Variety of activities and helpful staff'
Jennifer Bleakley October 9
'What did you enjoy most on the tour
"The environment on Island, bumby road to Desert"'

Sofia Jonsson - Sweden October 5
'Sandboarding at the dunes was pretty awersome'
Lin Rui October 3
'The tour guide Ed. He was fun and personal. Easy to get along with and made sure everyone was safe and having a good time!'
Cara from the USA - October 2 - Guide - Ed Foord
'Our tour guide was awersome. Very fun and informative and helped us get the most out of the tour. It was great'
Brittany - Evergreen Park USA - October 2
'Amazing tour with a very friendly guide who involved the whole group'
Alex - from Brisbane October 2
"I liked everything about this tour! Andrew was awesome. He knew so much about the locations and how to adjust the itinerary so that we all had the best day. The snorkelling was great too. So many fish and so close up!"
Anita Watters - Australia - September 15
'Springbrook National Park:
I loved the environment and opportunity to see a range of Australian Nature and Wildlife while being accompanied by an informative guide. Overall was excellent, had an amazing day I'll never forget... ps Steve(our guide) was great, enthusiastic, helpful and fun to spend the day with.'

Hannah Gilhans (UK July 12)
'Springbrook National Park:
The whole day was chilled out , a really nice pace, friendly guide who took the time to answer questions etc. A really beautiful day, I hope I do another trip. Thank you so much.'

Lucy Gray (Scotland July 12)
'Ed our guide was fantastic - really enthusiastic! He was brilliant at guiding us when we were snorkelling'
J Tevbody- from Burton UK
'I like all of itineraries. Especially I like the view from the lighthouse. That was awesome!!'
Chiyumi Sakurai - Brisbane, Australia - June 15
'It was a fantastic tour! I strongly recommend.'
Seung Mo Hong - Seoul, Korea - June 15
'The guide was really informative about the island which was exciting. Also the sandboarding was EPIC and the shipwrecks were so cool to look at!! i really enjoyed the trip.'
Danielle Stiller - USA (June 12)
'The sand boarding was so much fun and something unique. I hated the snorkelling at first, I even cried, but our guide Driver was so nice about it and helped me to enjoy it and I grew to LOVE it. The whole trip was excellent. Great pace, good mix of adventure and relaxing. Very fun overall.'
Kate Marshal - USA (June 12)
'I liked everything..sand surfing was fun and lots of adrenalin. Snorkelling was pretty cool, lots of fishes and the fish feeding. The group and atmosphere were relaxing. The driver was very nice and good informed. I would definitley do it again.'
Katarina Geiger - Germany (June 12)
'I enjoyed the whole trip.. feeding the birds, the antartic trees. Dandy's (Guide) general knowledge and keeping it a fun learning experience.'
Hunter Lareau - USA (June 12)
'I really enjoyed it being a small overnight group! Yellow Patch was beautiful. Loved the campfire, weather and food. Such a great end to my travels. Thanks Rider! A great tour Guide!'
Sarah Marsh - USA (May 12)
"Best tour ever! Fantastic experience and great tour guides."
Adam from USA - January 16